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Amala Ekpunobi’s Bio: Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Amala Ekpunobi is an activist blogger and host of the podcast for PragerU. She is a young girl with left-wing views who constantly raises sensitive social issues. She has been able to gather hundreds of thousands of people around her persona, mostly young people. She is not the classic TikTok and Instagram star. Amala breaks the stereotypes of Influencers and does everything to change the world.

Wikipedia about Amala Ekpunobi*


Amala was born in Los Angeles on 16 June 2000. At her young age, she has achieved incredible heights as an activist. She has had an acute sense of social injustice since childhood. This has influenced her social and political views.

Real Name

The real name of social blogger Susan Amala Ekpunobi. She did not go for a pseudonym. The girl doesn’t think it makes sense. It is important to her that communication with her subscribers is quite transparent and honest.


Data about Ekpunobi’s parents are contradictory. They can be compared to rumours, so any data that does not come from Amala herself should be treated critically. Supposedly her mum is from the US and her father from Nigeria. Her father’s role in her life is unknown, as most sources say he left the family when Amala was a very young girl. Whether her parents were actually leftist activists is unknown. Most likely Ekpunobi grew up under the great influence of her mother.


The blogger has a higher education. There is information that she even completed postgraduate studies and received a degree.

*Note that Wikipedia does not yet have a page dedicated to this girl. Reliable information about her has to be gathered bit by bit, and sometimes we even have to make assumptions based on fragmentary data.


The girl became an activist during her student years. Some criticise her views for her aggressive attitude towards white people. However, society has a demand for her rhetoric, so she easily found like-minded people.

An important milestone in her career is her collaboration with Prager University Foundation. Since 2021, she is the host of the author’s show under the auspices of this foundation. However, Amala’s independent creativity is also noteworthy. She releases new videos on YouTube every few days. All hot topics, both in the US and in the world, do not remain without her attention.

Amala Ekpunobi Bio

Personal life: boyfriend or husband?

About the details of the girl’s personal life can only guess. She is a real beauty. Some of her photos in Instagram can even be attributed to very provocative. She deliberately bypasses the topic of personal life. We have no doubt only that Amala has no husband. As for the boyfriend, the opinions of online publications diverge. Someone even started a rumour that she is dating some man. We haven’t found any convincing confirmation of this. In her Instagram there is a photo with some young man, but her social circle is very wide and it can be anyone.

If you are interested in the question of her sexual orientation, this question is too complicated. It is worth waiting for direct answers from Ekpunobi. The biography of this activist really interests the subscribers. We know that they want more details. However, this website is not the place where star rumours are irresponsibly spread.

Amala Ekpunobi Bio

Net Worth

There is no doubt that a person with an audience of millions around the world is rich. Was Ekpunobi able to earn $1 million or even more? Most likely yes. Its role in the US media space is very high. It cannot be ruled out that there are generous sponsors willing to encourage her activities. Community activists often rely on financial support from interested parties. However, there is no data on the sources of income of this young activist. Monetisation of content on YouTube and social media can generate several hundred thousand dollars a year. This may be enough to continue on her chosen path without raising additional funds. If we talk more specifically about the net worth, the most plausible figure is $500k – $1 million.

Image source: Amala Ekpunobi’s Instagram page.

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