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Julio Vaqueiro’s Bio: Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Julio Vaqueiro is a well-known journalist who has made significant strides in the field of television journalism, especially among the Spanish-speaking community. He is best known for his work with Telemundo, one of the largest Spanish-language television networks in the United States.

Wikipedia: Biography, Age, Education

Julio is originally from Mexico. He was born and raised in the city of San Juan del Río. He is believed to be approximately 35 years old (born 1988-1990). More precise data is not available for the reason that the journalist himself does not share personal data. This is probably due to his journalistic activity, which can sometimes involve risks and heckling from detractors.

The man graduated from Universidad Anáhuac del Norte. He received a bachelor’s degree in public communication. Julio was sure that he wanted to be a journalist long after he entered university, so after receiving his degree he immediately plunged into the thick of work. By 2012, the young journalist already had some high-profile reports and investigations under his belt.


Vaqueiro rose through the ranks at Telemundo, from reporting on local issues to more significant national and international news. His work caught the attention of viewers and his peers alike, leading to increased responsibility and recognition.

Known for his role as an anchor, Vacqueiro covered major events in detail. His ability to deliver the news in a clear, concise and engaging manner made him a trusted figure among Hispanic audiences. He has often found himself at the forefront of breaking news, where his calm and understated demeanour helps convey important information in times of uncertainty.

During his career, Vaqueiro has interviewed numerous political figures and personalities. His insight into issues and ability to delve into complex topics without losing the attention of his audience are the hallmarks of a seasoned journalist. His coverage of political events both in the United States and abroad has been praised for its depth and fairness.

Julio Vaqueiro Wikipedia

He is now an Emmy Award-winning anchor of Noticias Telemundo, with an audience of many millions. There are over 7 million people subscribed to this channel on YouTube.

Wife and Children

Vaqueiro is a true family man. He has 3 children. With his wife, he has been married since 2014. Nothing has shaken their love. His wife’s name is Fer Barrios. We have been unable to find information that confirms that this is her name. Some sources say that her name is Fernanda Vaqueiro. With many photos of the two of them together in the public domain, it is difficult to give the exact name of Julio’s wife. She definitely played a very important role in his professional success. The details of their personal life remain out of the public domain. On the journalist’s Instagram, 90 per cent of the content is devoted to his professional activities. Images with his family are increasingly rare. Too many events are happening in the world and photos with family become irrelevant. We are sure that his wife keeps a personal blog, but her Instagram page is open only for loved ones.

Julio Vaqueiro Wife and Children

Julio Vaqueiro’s Salary and Net Worth

A journalist who is able to attract a huge audience to a TV channel earns a lot. A journalist’s salary is always confidential information. He cannot even name it if we ask him personally. We can only assume that he gets about $500k per year. His net worth could be as high as $1 million.

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