Top Notch Idiots

Top Notch Idiots: Aris Sureni (Opto) & AJ Wolfy

Top Notch Idiots is a team of talented guys who film pranks on the streets of US cities. In just a few years they have turned from freaks with a camera into top youtubers known all over the world. The leaders of the Top Notch Gang are Opto and AJ Wolfy. However, there is a big team of people behind the provocative videos. They create top-notch content, for the sake of which the guys sometimes risk their lives.

Aris Sureni’s (Opto) Bio

The real name of Opto from Top Notch Idiots is Aris Egiazaryan. He is of Armenian nationality. When exactly he moved to the US is unknown. Perhaps it was his parents who emigrated, not himself. He was born on the 18th of October 1994. Aris is the creator of the YouTube channel Top Notch Idiots. It used to be his personal channel where he used to post his home videos. From them, we learnt that he was a promising footballer in his youth. He played at the position of goalkeeper. There are rumors that he was such a talented athlete that he was a candidate for the national (or youth) team of the country (probably Armenia).

At the age of 23, Opto began to try his hand at the then-new genre of “prank”. He made several prank videos that interested the audience. Over time, other young talented pranksters joined his team and brought his YouTube channel to the world level. Now videos from the Top Notch Idiots channel are translated into different languages and are constantly reposted on Tik-Tok and Instagram.

Aris Sureni (Opto)

Paradox – Opto is very popular, he constantly posts videos and photos on Instagram, but there is no information about his girlfriend. It is possible that he is not looking for a permanent relationship.

Aris has always been in great physical shape. He was thin and very strong. Now he has gained a few kilos (maybe even 10 kg), but it would be wrong to say that he is overweight.

AJ Wolfy’s Bio

AJ Wolfy (his real name is unknown) was born in California on 6 July 1995. Since childhood, the guy has been passionate about music. He still records his music and even recorded a joint track with Opto. However, the guy never became a musician. He tried his hand at business. He graduated from business courses, but whether he was able to realise the knowledge gained we do not know. His main activity is shooting pranks for YouTube.

AJ Wolfy made it to the Top Notch Idiots in 2017. It was then that the first video with his participation appeared on the channel. After that, he became an indispensable participant of pranks.

AJ Wolfy

One day Wolfy published in Instagram a photo with a little boy. Subscribers decided that it was his son. However, we can’t say this with certainty. AJ shares everything with his followers, but not the details of his personal life.

Top Notch Idiots Net Worth

TNG is a team of rich young guys. None of them were born with millions in their bank accounts. They made it all on their own. Their YouTube channel is their main source of income. It can bring in up to $75,000 a month. This is not such a large amount in the scale of the whole team, but it is definitely enough for a rich life. TNG merch also brings in a good income. We do not think that there is a queue for clothes and accessories with the attributes of youtubers, but there is definitely a demand for them.

Most likely each of the TNG members individually is not a millionaire. But if we consider Top Notch Idiots Net Worth as the capital of the company, it can reach $3-4 million.

The most popular pranks

The most popular video by the guys from TNG has racked up over 19 million views. This is an old video dedicated to a popular prank on girls. The pranksters were looking for a Gold Digger, but found a decent girl.

Almost all of TNG’s videos are getting a few million views now. The channel has almost 4 million subscribers, so arguments about the popularity of Opto and AJ Wolfy are irrelevant.

Top Notch Idiots have found an untapped niche in the field of pranking. They risk their lives to visit the crime-ridden neighbourhoods of US cities and make jokes on the marginalised. Almost always everything ends with them running away from aggressive people who don’t like to be pranked. It’s hard to imagine that the guys from TNG don’t know anyone, but they still manage to film honest pranks without directing.

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