Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s Net Worth

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s Net Worth: Earnings & Wealth

Bad Boy Chiller Crew (BBCC) are British musicians and YouTubers who, through hard work, talent and a bit of luck, have achieved creative and financial success. Their YouTube videos get millions of views, they give concerts all over the world and release new hits.

Income of BBCC members

Gareth Kelly, Kane Welsh and Sam Robinson (the current band members) grew up in simple families and worked hard. They could not boast of a large inheritance or easy money. Kane and Sam were far from music. They worked in a warehouse and hosted humorous streamers in their spare time. It was a hobby that brought almost no financial gain. Gareth is the only one who even before the band got some fame in the music world. He worked as a DJ and his services were in demand in Bretford. But even that wasn’t enough for a good life, so he looked for extra income.

In 2018 BBCC released their first track and by 2019 they had already managed to perform on the local stage. At this time, conflicts began in the group. It is not excluded that one of the reasons for misunderstandings were the first royalties. As a result, the composition of the group changed and remains unchanged to this day.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s Net Worth

Nothing is known about the income of the former crew members (Kieran “Fraz” Durkin and Lewis “Molegrip” Lock). They are involved in music, but hardly have any benefit from being part of BBCC.

Young lads became rich after a reality show about their lives aired on ITV2. The project itself was low-budget and could not bring them much money. However, the public recognition that came immediately after the successful TV debut changed their career dramatically. According to some sources, BBCC members are actively investing their earnings in their families: buying property, cars, etc. Most likely, they share all the money they earn equally. None of them became millionaires, but every year they become richer by several hundred thousand pounds sterling.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s Net Worth

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s net worth is between £1m and £2m. This is the total capital of the hooligans, which should not be confused with the income of each of the merry trio. Every gig, especially an overseas gig, is not only a generous fee, but also a big spend on travelling and equipment. BBCC try to give the best sound, but it requires considerable investments.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s Net Worth

The prospects of increasing net worth are obvious. The musical collective has reached the international level. They even reached Australia. Their YouTube channel has only 155 thousand subscribers, but their videos have gained almost 250 million views. This is enough to attract not only the attention of the public, but also advertisers. Half a million subscribers in Instagram also form an excellent foundation for making money on social networks. The BBCC project is unambiguously commercially successful. There are only a few steps left to higher earnings. So the guys keep releasing new songs. a new album will be presented very soon. Their album Disrespectful has already hit the top charts and was even ranked by The New York Times. This gives hopes that very soon the “bad boys” will have a new surge in popularity and income.

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